Business Partnerships

Gottalife’s strategy is to add value to the economy and create wealth by partnering with business concepts we feel have the ability to do well. We always lift the overall level and quality of the businesses we partner with, with outstanding results. If you are having difficulty beating the market leaders we are looking for the challenge.

Our offer is in promoting and branding innovation in all aspects, especially embracing the use of the media including social media. Gottalife brings online technology knowledge of today’s markets with a pioneering spirit.

We also provide support in reviewing partnership agreements, licensing manufacturing, and distribution contracts.

Our experience thus far has had us owning sports entities, telecommunications, pioneering digital media, manufacturing, product companies, and social media to name a few.


Business partnerships are any commercial venture where two partners are involved to the advantage of both.

Some examples include:

• Sales contracts

• Agency / distribution agreements

• Reciprocal marketing

• Sub-contract deals

• Licensing agreements

• Training

• Joint investment

• Joint production

• Joint research and development

• Joint venture

Business partnerships can facilitate the process of accessing new products, new markets, new technology, and new business. The two parties can build on their strengths and weaknesses. However, a company must have the competence and resource to succeed.


Any new venture in business requires several components to come together:

• A market opportunity

• Knowledge of and access to the chosen market

• Necessary technology

• Management commitment and ability

• Financial and production resources

In small businesses more often than not the responsibility for bringing the elements together falls to the Managing Director or Management Team which is often a small number of people. Because of the large number of responsibilities and problems these people are dealing with and solving daily, any assistance is useful, particularly in the area of sourcing new business.

In the area of developing new business i.e. new markets or new products, a partner can help by providing:

• Access to new markets, marketing organizations or marketing outlets

• A complimentary product established in another market

• A newer process of technology

• Knowledge of markets

• Knowledge of the local economy, political environment, local customs and law

• The speed of entry into the market with a small investment

• An increased probability of successfully expanding your product range If the product is tried, tested, and successful in another market many of the potential problems will have been eliminated.

Advisor to the Board

Gottalife is introducing Kenny Russell as an adviser to the board on an annual fee or fee plus stock deal.

More information on this great value-added service will be expanded upon.