A Leadership Company:

Gottalife Business Solutions is an entrepreneurial leadership company, not just a management support company. We are in business because we put into action what we preach with outstanding results achieved for the past 12 years. We have had to do very little to promote our business, as most of our projects have been referral business based on our performance for other companies resulting in millions of dollars of business development and company sales.

Throughout our years in business we have surrounded ourselves with the right people by taking charge of recruiting the teams for long-term projects and our flexibility to work worldwide. The resources we have include a fully equipped design studio as well as production facilities. This allows us to produce for radio as well as accessing our larger recording studio centre, which is in the process of being transferred to the UK. Gottalife is an International company based in the UK, USA and South Africa.

Business Performance Review

Gottalife provides an assessment service, reviewing your business progress, identify how you can make the most of the current market position advising on innovative options to move the company forward. 

Gottalife helps to identify if you are following through with the best strategies to achieve results and looks for ways to make savings. We do things very differently for an analytical approach as we recognise that the life of most businesses is vision not about data entry and printing colour reports. What makes a business successful is innovation then you can apply the latter to back up the day to day running of the business.

Economic Changes:

Over the past few years we have been receiving more calls from businesses affected by the downturn seeking our help in reshaping how they do business. Gottalife’s Director Kenny Russell oversees all projects undertaken and offers special advice sessions onsite or remotely by video conference.  Many are seeking advice to reinvent themselves in times of difficulty and by having a specialist look over the business operations can be one the best ways to build a plan for business growth. It is very positive  to witness business leaders preparing to do things differently and willing to take the challenge for change as well as recognizing the problems with their business models can be overcome with the right mentoring.

Business Partnerships Wanted

Gottalife’s major business focus is from forming partnerships. We look to help companies who are experiencing difficulties with breaking through in their markets. We have owned and/or managed many companies over the years and always offer trial periods so company owners see clearly our abilities and value in partnership options. We assess on the first few meetings the trial period which is 4-12 weeks based on our investment risks. If you are looking for more especially if you are not taking ground in new marketing trends and need media then look no further. We would be happy to discuss more with you.


Business Advisor

Design & Development

Crisis Management