Cybercrime Detection Services

Gottalife Business Solutions has been exposing criminals from corporate fraud for many years.
In 2001 we were the victim of server attacks which cost us $10’s of thousands of dollars.


  • Active targeting of underground forums to disrupt the circulation of powerful and easy to use cybercriminal tools, such as malware kits and botnets.
  • Disrupt the infrastructure of malicious code writers and specialist web hosts through the active identification of developer groups and joint action of law enforcement, governments, and the ICT industry to dismantle so-called “bulletproof” hosting companies.
  • Active targeting of the proceeds of cybercrime (e.g. money mules) in collaboration with the financial sector.
  • Continue to develop insight into the behavior of the contemporary cybercriminal by means of intelligence analysis, criminological research and profiling techniques, and based on the combined law enforcement, IT security industry and academic sources, in order to deploy existing resources more effectively.

Many hacks on our websites and our clients led us to have a special department in our company to deal with this crisis. Cybercrime victims are blackmailed and the strings to identify the attackers cross over many country borders and international law but these criminals must be stopped. Today the intelligence community and companies like ours are developing strategies on the go as more scams and tactics unfold.

I will never forget responding to an advertisement for laptop computers to lease 60% cheaper monthly payments than you could find anywhere else. So purchased 5 of them but had to have all the orders separate with a deposit on all orders – the scam was to keep the amount below the threshold of the small claims court so they could sell tens of thousands on these orders and run off with the money. They were able to make millions and by the time the police got on to it, it was too late. This was a false ad in the new Business Start-up magazine in the ’90s!

Another story was buying a TV/Video player out of the back of a van at my office – the TV had a tuner but there was a brick in the back to give it weight – I lost my money and I can laugh about it now but at the time it really feels horrid to be scammed.

Today many are becoming victims of online crime and we specialize in corporate attacks but have taken on other confidential cases.
Record the date and time an incident occurs, screenshot, Save And file, you have to be able to turn over evidence to attornies and law enforcement quickly. Save everything to a USB drive.

We do not publish our strategies but advise clients in person.

Our media control room is where we capture data and tracking to the sources and countries to provide to local law enforcement. Corporate blackmail is costing businesses and business owners around the world multi-millions of dollars and must be stopped!


@ Gottalife “We developed a plan”

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