Business Crisis Management

Business Crisis Management

Gottalife’s founder Kenny Russell, started being recognized in the early 90’s for successfully performing crisis management and restructuring businesses, rescuing multi-million-pound contracts to increase productivity as well as advising new projects.

Through the years he worked across many markets from Contract Hire, the Automotive Industry – Ford, Toyota and Honda (emergency part supplies), to the UK national food supply supermarkets and fragile goods national distribution and not forgetting media and telecommunications.

Gottalife offers graphic design services specializing in corporate identity and communicating corporate vision with clients in the offshore oil business as well as the Royal Mail and Royal Mint to name but a few. Today we do not offer basic design services as our staff is focused and trained to work as part of our development team.

Gottalife specializes in the recovery process of businesses in crisis and brings a wealth of experience why not arrange an appointment to discuss your situation.


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