About Gottalife:

Gottalife Group of companies was launched in 1998 in Wales, UK following the significant breakthroughs Kenny Russell had in the telecommunications world. For the past 10 years, Gottalife has been involved in extensive travel internationally, including launching a TV Network in Europe on the BSkyB satellite, which was sold to Daystar Television Networks in Texas after setting up their European corporate structure. Gottalife moved its operations from the UK to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005. Gottalife took charge through a short term consultancy contract in 2006 for the crisis management of 6 damaged USA Baby Stores in the USA. This project was to identify the in-house theft and processing customer orders for the store owners, a task that was highly demanding and resulted in comprehensive national travel for over 1 year.

Following this project, Gottalife took over the management and rights of the 4th largest Golf Tour in the USA called, “The Tarheel Tour” – it was one day from closure!

This business was turned around by Kenny Russell’s leadership and the Gottalife team including our designers, production staff, and photography. Gottalife managed to do what had never been done in the golf tour world by bringing the largest online audience to golf ever witnessed in this level of professional events. The tour now sits in 3rd place behind the Nationwide Tour and the PGA Tour, with a large separation between Tarheel Tour and the 4th largest tour. The Tarheel Tour received a multi-million dollar investment deal.

For the past 12 years, Gottalife has been a broadcasting business with content distribution in over 54 countries and a large internet presence. Right now Gottalife is focused on our 24/7 radio network and our recording studio while preparing to relocate our international staff to the USA by  2009. Our locations are Charlotte, NC; Bracknell Berks, UK, and Caesarea Israel.

Our company holds national structures in the countries of operations and is set up in such a way so we can focus on the media and business development side of the business, which is the heart of all our operations as a business group. We work in 2 ways – as a straight management consultancy service or in partnerships, where we take reduced fees in exchange for equity and leadership in the projects we take on. Gottalife has around 14 staff and appoints the staff as each project requires.

Gottalife is known to have so many advantages in business solutions because it can perform many services in-house where competitive companies would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more to achieve the same goals. In addition, Gottalife staff are focused on mastering our client industry to a standard where our clients don’t treat us as an outside firm, but rather as a business partner which in the interim always works in the best interest for their company.

We are now preparing to expand our business by centralizing our operations to a new center in Israel and are investing large sums in this set up to be able to service more clients and business partnerships in our effort to rescue businesses in danger of closure. We have investment opportunities in Gottalife as well; as we continue to invest in other businesses we work with. As you can see our business has achieved so much over the years it will not be long before we publish a motivational book on our keys to significance in today’s fragile market.

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